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Bridal Updos

A while back, I decided I really needed some photos of my work for my social media. I wrangled Ingrid Svare Photography (because who else :) into helping me shoot some photos of some hairstyles I did! I've included a couple of them here with some info on each!

This first one was one of my favorites. While this sleek style hasn't really been in fashion the last season, I love the look of this updo. The key to keeping this look sleek is lots of product! This can be hard to do when the hair has lots of layers, but adding some texture spray and teasing can help with that!

This updo inspiration came from the famous stylist Heather Chapman. Check out her work; its amazing. The key to this big braid is to pull it apart to make it seem larger. Once you finish the braid, work at it with your hands to separate it and fluff it out. Even if your hair isnt super thick, this technique can still help make your braid seem larger!

I love accessorizing my updos! This hair accessory was actually a belt of a bridal gown that we borrowed. But you can't tell the difference, can you? You can really turn any accessory into a hairpiece. I've used necklaces before, brooches, feathers, belts, even earrings to add a little sparkle! Go with what you're feeling; it doesn't have to be traditional. If you like a piece you see, use it.

Hope these tips helped you in some way, and I look forward to sharing some more of these pictures next week! I have a lot of them, so I might do a series for the next two weeks sharing these photos with a little tip for each. Until next time . . .


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