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5 Product Face

Morning y"all! And happy International Women's Day! Woot! I just did the hardest workout ever and I am sooooo sore + tired + ready for a nap, but I am super excited to talk to you guys about the 5 Product Face! This is something I just came up with after having so many people tell me they wanted a makeup routine that was quick + easy + didn't take a lot of time out of their day BUT still made them look + feel beautiful.

So I came up with the 5 Product Face - Essentially, the 5 things you need for a

basic makeup look that won't break the bank and won't take forever every morning. Hello, thats what we all need! Because I am all about sleeping as long as I can each day and we all have those days that we need to zip out the door but don't want someone to ask "are you sick?" because we don't have makeup on. So here's my tips and what I do, let me know if it works for you!

Also shoutout to Cassidy @thewellnessrookie for being my model and wearing this simple look. I felt these photos really show what this makeup look can be worn for - just everyday chillin', working out, vibin' you know. Also thank you @lomagee for the pics.

Boom. So basically, this look is achieved using 5 makeup products. They don't have to be super high end or fancy to work - they can be drugstore products, or whatever you like to use. And the idea is to keep this look simple, easy, and fast to help you get on with your day + look great doing it!

1. Foundation - This is the first thing you need. I applied Cassidy's foundation with a beauty sponge to help keep the coverage from getting too heavy.

2. Eyebrows - evebrows make a statement! And they call attention to your eyes. So get a brow pencil or a pomade or a brush and fill those puppies in! They don't have to be super bold or dramatic, just pop some color on to help them stand out.

I filled in her brows with the Morphe Brow Palette

3. Bronzer - Now that you have your foundation on, it's time to give your face some shape + bring back some warmth and glow to your face. You can brush on some Butter Bronzer like I did with Cassidy to sculpt and bronze the face. I applied this on her forehead, the sides of her nose, and in her cheekbones to help accentuate her gorgeous facial features! Using a bronzer can help bring shape into the face and help it not seem like a flat canvas. So bronze away!

4. Mascara - now it's time to let your lashes shine. They are the star of the show, so coat on some mascara to help them stand out! We used a current favorite L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. If you're feeling ambitious, you can pop on some false lashes here, but the whole point of this look is quick and easy, and when I put false lashes on myself, it never ends up being quick or easy, so use your own judgment here :)

5. Lipstick - finally, to finish off your look, choose a lip. You can do lipstick, a gloss, a balm, whatever your mood is drawing you to that day. Something that expresses your mood. We used a simple lip tint on Cassidy because she wanted to look simple and pretty and she didn't want anything too loud. So grab whatever and head out the door because you're DONE!

So what did you think? How long do you think this routine will take you? Are you curious to try it out? Let me know if you try this routine and how it works for you, and check out my IG page because I will be filming how I do this look on myself.

Thanks for checking the blog out this week, I'll see you later!

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