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Valentine's Day + Favorite Palettes

Welcome back and Happy V-Day. I am ECSTATIC to be able to share this shoot after having to keep it a secret since I got the gallery back! This shoot was SO much fun to collab on, and I am soooooo happy with how the hair and makeup (and everything else :) turned out. Don't forget, vendor list will be at the bottom, and these are some peeps you want to be following on IG because their work is amazing.

We all have those makeup palettes that we love, that we reach for first, the palettes that are almost gone, the palettes that are our OG ride or die palettes. Today I am going to share a couple of those palettes with you. Just FYI, not all of these are eyeshadow palettes. I've just included all my favorites in here. So lets jump into it! And try not to swoon over all this beauty going on!



The first palette I have used almost every day this year is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I have mentioned this palette before but I absolutely use it all of the time. And when I first bought it, I wasn't sure if I would love it because I tend to shy away from using pink on my eyes, but I can't stop using this palette. The colors blend so easily and are so pigmented. 10 out of 10 for this palette!



The next palettes I am going to talk about collectively because I use all three of them in my kit ALL. THE. TIME. I use these on my clients for weddings, engagements, boudoir, and they never disappoint me.

The eyeshadow palettes I'm referring to are the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, the Chocolate Bar palette, and the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. The Too Faced brand was the brand of one of my first eyeshadow palettes, and they continue to be a favorite! These shadows are so easy to blend, they have such great pigment, and with these palettes I feel that I have such a good range of colors to create the looks my clients want. Each palette contains all the colors you need to create a full look, and they each have matte shades and shimmer shades and glitter shades in each palette. Each palette includes a couple vibrant shades as well as darker shades for a smokey look.



My favorite contour palette continues to be the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette. I have repurchased this several times and will continue to purchase it. These shades are easy to blend and they do not give the skin an orange tinge. I also like that the contour shades are able to work on a variety of skin tones.



One of my favorite more affordable eyeshadow palette options is the Morphe 35O palette. Seriously, if you haven't purchased any makeup from Morphe yet, try them out because their quality and price point on their products can't be beat.

The top two elements I look for in an eyeshadow palette are pigmentation and blendability. If an eyeshadow is too powdery or flakey, it won't blend and move well on the skin and you may have to continue to apply the shadow to get the color intensity that you want. It also may appear blotchy and patchy on the skin, rather than smooth and blended. A good eyeshadow palette will sell itself, because it shouldn't make you fight to work with it and you shouldn't have to fight to blend it and make it look beautiful.



So who wants to dress up for a Valentine's Day date now? I know I do! These two models are the best. They just got married last year and I love working with them! I think that you can really feel their love and chemistry in the photos which is one of the reasons why I love working with real couples as models!

I hope you all have an awesome day, and if this post was an overload of pink for you.... #sorrynotsorry :)

Have an awesome week and come back next Thursday for more makeup tips and tricks!!



Hair and Makeup by me

Florals: Montana Magnolia

Calligraphy: Brooke Averill

Models: Shay & Chase Brownlee

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