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Q & A (Part 2)

Y'all, we are back for another Q & A! I feel like breaking this up into smaller posts with fewer questions is better than a 10 page blog post! Ya feel me?

1. If you weren't a hair and makeup artist, what would you do?

I would probably be a professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars, or a dolphin trainer! (inspired by my visits to Sea World and aquariums all across the country lol). Or a competitive athlete somewhere. But really I can't see myself not doing what I'm doing.

2. Whats your favorite hairstyle that you wear?

I don't really wear my hair down when I'm working or at a wedding because it gets too hot, so if you see me at an event my hair will probably be up, but my favorite is just down in bombshell curls with a lot of volume.

3. What is your favorite brand of makeup?

That is tough! There are SO many amazing makeup brands out there. A couple favorites of mine would be Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Too Faced Cosmetics.

4. How do you achieve dewey skin?

Dewey skin can be achieved in a couple different ways. The first is by prepping the skin so the entire face looks dewey. This includes using a very good moisturizer (find one I'm loving here), using a hydrating primer and/or mixing a face oil in your foundation (find one here). You can also use a foundation with a dewey finish (here). My skin is very dry so when I want a dewey look I have to do one or all of these things. If your skin is naturally oilier/dewey, yay for you! you probably only have to do one or maybe none of these steps to get that glow from within that we all covet :)

The second way to achieve a glowy look is by highlighting the face after all the rest of your makeup has been applied. You can highlight the high points of the face (cheekbones, cupids bow, tip of the nose, etc to make your skin appear more glowy. You can use a powder highlight (here and here) or a liquid highlight, which I think looks more natural and blends into the skin better, if that is what you are looking for (two of my faves here and here).

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read, workout, go on dates with my hubby, Netflix and chill, make and eat food. Oh and sleep in when I get the chance! I love Montana summers and I wakebaording, wake surfing, basically anything with water!

6. What helps keep your makeup on throughout the day?

Setting spray! (here) But its not enough just to throw on a setting spray at the end if you didn't properly prep your face for the makeup you put on it. Ideally, your face should be exfoliated, moisturized, and primed before you start applying makeup. These steps each help the makeup to stay on your face better throughout the day. You should also set your makeup with a translucent powder before you use a setting spray (here and here).

7. What are your pet peeves?

Being late, creasing foundation, rude people

I hope I answered some of the questions you wanted to know in this post! Stay tuned for the next Q & A in a month or so... and if you have any more questions, send them my way!

P.S. Let me know if you try any of the products I suggested above and what your thoughts are! Did they work for you??

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