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Wedding Hair: Updo or Down-do?

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by, This week I want to talk about a couple things you might want to take into consideration as a bride when deciding on your wedding hair.

Keep in mind, this isn't me telling you that one style is better than the other, because this is totally your decision. This is just me throwing some advice and words of caution out at your own risk

P.S. Thank you to everyone who participated in this gorgeous shoot. As usual, the dress inspired this whole shoot. Who doesn't love a tulle skirt?? I knew we had to play around with it and I'm in love with the airy vibes I get from it. Anyone else? Would you get married in a tulle skirt?



The first factor you want to consider is what your dress looks like. The neckline on a dress and the overall style can help you decide what hairstyle may look the best. For example, if your dress is super sleek, classic, and understated, you could totally go for that polished chignon. And if your dress is strapless, you may want to leave some hair down around your shoulders so you feel comfortable.

Some dresses have amazing detail in the back or have a totally open back that is super fun to show off. If this is the case and your hair is long, you may want to pin it up or pull it to the side to accentuate the back detail.

Sometimes a flashier, louder dress calls for a softer hair and makeup look. And if your dress is a little more edgy, you can totally embrace that style as well. If you have shorter hair, you could go for an asymmetrical, side-swept look, or get the best of both worlds and go with a half-up, half-down style.



Have you thought about wearing a veil? I find that most of my brides will at least wear a veil to their ceremony, and then take it off later. It does make for some amazing photos, so think about how you want it to look with your hairstyle and how you want to incorporate it. A more traditional look is having the veil pinned in the hair at the crown of the head. However, I have been loving pinning it underneath a low bun or updo lately. Lots of my brides have been doing that so it doesn't hide their hairstyle and I love the look.

Do you have your jewelry picked out? Once you have your dress, then you can find the perfect jewels to complement the neckline and the overall style. If you plan on wearing earrings, make sure you style your hair so you can see them, especially if they are studs.

If you have a hair accessory, bring it to your stylist at your trial so you can see how it fits with the hairstyle you've chosen. Does it complement your jewelry or clash with it? Does it overpower your hairstyle?



Another factor that will play into your wedding hairstyle is the weather. Here in Montana, most wedding venues are in the great outdoors, which makes for amazing pictures...but the weather doesn't always play along.

We left Sarah's hair down for this photoshoot because the weather looked clear and it wasn't a windy night. But wind, rain, and heat are factors that could mess with you wedding day 'do.

Although Montana doesn't have very much humidity, the temperatures can definitely spike in the summertime. If your wedding is outside in the summer, you may want to think about an updo or a half up style. Something that keeps the hair off your neck could be a good option,

Wind is also something you can't plan for on the wedding day, but even just having a hairstyle that is more "contained" can help. Pinning up loose hairs or tucking loose ends away will help keep the hair out of your face during your wedding photos. For my wedding, I left a lot of tendrils out around my face, and it was super windy that day. They were in my face a lot and kind of drove me nuts. I liked the softer look of having hair around my face, but I couldn't escape the wind.



Thanks so much for clicking over and reading this post. When it all comes down to it, it's your wedding day and you need to do what you love! Do what makes you feel beautiful and happy and don't worry about anything else!

I'll catch you in my next post, and if you want to see more, come find me on Instagram @etherealhairmakeup

Super talented vendor tribe:

Photos by Courtney Cathleen Photo

Jewels by Jewelry Studio

Florals by the Flower Bar

Model Sarah Lingo

HMU by me

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