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Simple Styles for Short Hair

Hello there! Welcome back to the blog! Today's post is all about you gals with short hair! I have had SO many requests to do a post on some simple, cute, fun hairstyles for shorter hair. So here are a couple ideas I came up with. I hope you like them!

I love styling and playing around with short hair. A lot of people think that short hair limits your options and possibilities of styling, but I think short hair can be just as versatile as long hair when it comes to styling. Hopefully these styles inspire you to try something new and different on your locks!

Special thanks to my model, Courtney, and to Kelsey @abalancingpeach for these pics!!


This first style is so simple and easy if you know how to braid. I just parted Courtney's hair down the middle, but you can part your hair however you want, or you can even do a zigzag part for added flair! I dutch braided all the way down her head and ended at the nape, and then I fluffed the braid out and pulled it apart. Design Me Hair's Puff Me Texture Powder will help with this, even if you hair is thin and fine.



This second hairstyle is also super fun and incorporates another braid. I separated a rectangle section from the front of her hairline to the crown, and french braided this section and secured it with an elastic. If you don't know how to french braid, you can just braid normally. Then I teased the tail into a bun and pinned it. Once again I pulled the braid apart and fluffed it. This style is also super cute if you split the section and do two braids into the bun as well!


Do you love using scarves in your hair as much as I do? This is PERFECT for those messy hair days, when your hair is dirty, you're in a hurry, or your hair just isn't cooperating! Position the scarf in your hair like a headband, and leave out any pieces you want to frame your face. Sweep all of your hair into a low bun and secure with bobby pins or an elastic. Then tie the scarf around the bun as you like it. If your hair is too short for a bun or ponytail, tie the scarf at your nape under your hair instead!


I am LOVING how decorated bobby pins are starting to be a thing! If you have a couple pins you want to adorn your style with, be sure to group them in odd numbers, for example, use 3 or 5 pins instead of 4. And colored pins will really pop in dark hair, and shiny pins look great in blonde hair. You can pin them in a shape, you can stack them, whatever you want! I just gathered the hair on both sides of Courtney's head and swept it back into a messy bun and decorated with the pins. See what you come up with!


And finally, one more braided style in this little series! This is just a simple french braid, using the hair in front of her ear. Feel free to leave any pieces loose around the face to frame it. Once I braided as far as her ear, I tucked the ends of the braid under the rest of her hair and hid my bobby pins.

I only did this braid on one side of her head, but you could also do a braid on each side and secure them together in the back.



And that's it! I seriously had so much fun creating these styles and I think I need to make a Part II for this! Let me know if you try any of these hairstyles out on you or a friend, and I hope these ideas inspired you to play around with your tresses!

Until next time!


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