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5 Ways to Get Your Hair Wedding Ready

Welcome back! This is Part II of my top tips to help get your hair ready for your wedding day! If you know a friend, family member, or colleague getting married soon, send her this link! It can be hard to remember to take care of your hair on top of EVERYTHING else you are doing to plan your wedding! So here's a couple things that you might want to put at the top of your list...

P.S. Don't forget to check out the amazing vendors at the end of this post who made this shoot possible!! I tried some new makeup products and techniques on our model for this shoot and I think her makeup turned out amazing!

Extensions - If you don't want to grow your hair out for the wedding, or don't have time, consider hair extensions. I always ask my bride to bring some photos of her favorite hairstyles to her trial run with me. This helps me see her vision, style, and the overall look she wants to achieve. Pinterest is a wonderful tool to help you choose your wedding hairstyle, but keep in mind your hair may not be the same texture, color, length, or thickness as the models you see in the photos.

But don't worry! If you have your heart set on a particular hairstyle, talk to your stylist and see if this is something your hair can pull off on its own. If not, you might want to consider getting some extensions so you can still get the look of your dreams.

I recommend extensions to almost all of my brides. Not only do they help add length and thickness, they also add texture, making a style look more full and intricate. And not all extensions have to break the bank. I usually recommend clip-in extensions to my brides. They are fairly affordable depending on the brand, they are temporary, and they can be reused for other events! Plus they are super easy to put in on your own - you don't need a professional for that part! I always have my brides order their own extensions, make sure the color matches, and then bring them in to the trial. If you are interested in seeing if extensions are right for you, here's a couple brands to check out:

Bellami Hair

Irresistible Me Hair

Luxy Hair

Bombay Hair

{the hairstyle in this photoshoot WAS achieved using extensions. While the model Haley's hair was thick and beautiful, I wanted to add even more thickness and length to the braids that I did. So I clipped in two thick wefts of hair to help her hair appear even more full and luscious!}



Color - This is something you should start thinking about ASAP. If you are wanting to drastically change your hair color before your wedding, or even ombré your hair or add highlights, ask your stylist about the process and start it now. If you are planning a serious color change, you should start working on your hair with your stylist a few months before your wedding to avoid too much damage to your hair. And if you are wanting highlights or other color specifications, make sure you have a stylist you can trust so the color, length, and cut of your hair is exactly what you were hoping for on your big day.



Find a stylist!! - Finding a hair stylist (and/or makeup artist) can be something that makes or breaks your big day. Not to be dramatic or anything, but we've all dreamt about what we wanted to look like on our big day since we were like 5 (at least I did :) Point being, you want to choose someone who gels with you, who gets your ideas and inspiration and who whats to achieve what you want. So here's a couple tips on finding that person:

Peruse their work - do they have social media accounts? Find them and stalk them (JK), but seriously, check out their work and compare it to your ideas. Do they have the aesthetic you are looking for? Does their personality seem like something that would clash with yours or would you mesh well?

Ask around - Do you know anyone who has worked with this person? What were their thoughts? Ask your other wedding vendors if they have heard of this person and what they think. Another thing you can do is check out any reviews they have. Find them on Yelp, Facebook, The Knot or Wedding Wire. See what their previous clients have to say.

Schedule a trial + Bring photos - this can be a great way to see if you and the stylist will be a good fit. Most stylists offer a trial consultation, so bring your veil, accessories, and photos and see what happens. See if they are able to achieve what you want and feel comfortable doing it. Also, consider how much time it takes them. And ask questions! This is your time to pepper them with questions and get a feel for how things will go on your wedding day.

Ask questions + Talk - Be sure to communicate with your stylist. I always tell my clients that they aren't going to hurt my feelings by telling me there is something they don't like. I want them to LOVE how they look. So make sure if you have questions or concerns that you tell your stylist. How do they handle stressful situations? Do they do weddings on a regular basis? How comfortable are they with updos? Do they have a contract you can look at? How long does a typical style take them? Do they travel? Do they have a wide range of products? Be honest and open about your feelings. How they receive your concerns will help determine if they are right for you.



Get Regular Trims - If you want to keep your hair healthy and happy, a regular trim really goes a long way. We all sport those cursed split ends longer than we should, but did you know they are actually preventing your hair from growing!? Schedule frequent trims in the months leading up to your wedding and don't change your haircut too drastically in the last couple months before the big day. The only thing I would recommend is asking your stylist to cut in a little face framing hair around your face which will help with the overall elegance and structure of the style.



Hair mask/ treatment - If you get your hair colored regularly, or consistently style it using hot tools, repairing it with hair masks and treatments will help keep it healthy and shiny. Split ends and color damage are your hair's biggest enemies. Ask your hairstylist if he or she sells any hair masks or treatments that they can recommend for you. These include a mask, leave-in conditioner, hair smoother, hair shine products, and more. These treatments infuse your hair with the nutrients it needs to revamp the shine and texture of your locks. Using a treatment weekly for the next couple months can keep your hair in the best shape possible and looking glossy for your big day.



Whew! I wanted to keep that post short and sweet but you know me = not happenin' :)

Anyways thanks for tuning in and feel free to spread this post around! The more people it helps, the better! Let me know what you want to read next time!!


Hair and makeup by me

Photos by Courtney Cathleen Photography

Model - Haley Tessmer

Jewelry - The Jewelry Studio

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