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Flower Crown: Yes or No?

So you're thinking about wearing a flower crown for your wedding. Or maybe it's all over your Pinterest board but you don't know what to do next. You love the look, but will you love it on you? And there's so many options!! Do you want it big or small, color or just greenery, hair up or hair down....someone help!!

Don't panic, I've put together a couple tips to help guide you and then you can decide if you want to jump on the flower crown train. I have even linked some amazing florists in the Bozeman area who would be more than happy to further discuss your flower crown inspiration with you. So let's jump into it



This crown that Sue at Wild Blume made for Sarah has a mixture of greenery and plenty of different blooms in it. Talk to your florist and be specific about what you want and don't want included in your crown. If you would rather the crown be made up of mostly greenery such as eucalyptus, or if you want it to be filled with blooms, let them know so they have a clear picture of your inspiration.



Flower crowns can come in many shapes and sizes, so you want to be sure to talk to your florist and design one that is right for you. This one we used on Sarah is big and bold and beautiful. It's totally the star of the show and I love the variety of the blooms used in it.

Do you want your crown to be big and bold? Or would you rather go with a more delicate, whimsical look? A bigger crown is going to be the focal point of your hairstyle, while a smaller, more delicate one will complement the style you choose, so think about which concept you prefer.



Once you've decided on the flower crown of your dreams, think about what hairstyle you want to complement it. Because Sarah's crown in this shoot was the focal point, I kept her hair a little more simple. We left some hair around her face to soften the look, and went for a cascading style in the back.

Most florists will start with a wire base for their crown and wrap the flowers and greenery around it. This makes it super easy for your hairstylist to attach it to your hairstyle and form it to your head shape. For Sarah's crown, I simply set the crown on top of her hair at the end and secured it in place. But you can also incorporate the crown into the hairstyle a lot more.



That's all friends! I hope this was helpful in guiding you towards what kind of flower crown you want. Let me know if you have any other questions. Here's some of Bozeman's finest florists to check out if you haven't found anyone yet. Hit them up and see what they have to say about your flower crown inspo! I know absolutely nothing about flowers so definitely consult them :)

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