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5 Ways to Get Your Skin Wedding Ready

Welcome back! How has everyone's April been? Unfortunately there was still so much snow this month, but now I think spring is finally here!!

I wanted to share a few tips and tricks on some things you can do to prep your hair and skin for your big day. We all want our skin to look flawless and our hair to look thick and full, but how do we get there? I'm sharing with you my top tips so you can look the best in your wedding photos and feel confident smiling in front of the camera. These photos will be among the most important that you look back on forever, so lets get you in tip top shape!

I decided to split this up into two posts, so this post will be all about skin and the next post will be all about hair care.

I know a lot of my readers are not brides, which it totally okay! You can still apply any of these tips into your routine to help keep your skin and hair healthy. If you have a photo session coming up or even just a big vacation or event, some of these things will help you as well!


On another note, can we just admire this photoshoot I did recently with some of Bozeman's finest? Our model, Sarah, is going to be a real bride herself this fall!! So exciting!! Don't forget to find the talent listed at the end of this post, and follow them on IG if you haven't already.


Skin regimen & skincare - If you aren't on a skincare regimen already, you may want to start one in the months leading up to your wedding. This can help your skin's overall appearance and you can also treat your skin if you have specific symptoms. For example, if you want to reduce redness, or if you need blemish control, or if you want an anti-aging formula, all of these things can help your skin look dewey and supple on your wedding day. Ask your dermatologist to help you assess what skincare line and treatment plan would be best for your skin's needs.



Eat healthy/eat superfoods - some of you may have read my blog that talks about how the food you put in your body really does have an effect on your skin. I would suggest working towards a healthy diet in the months leading up to your wedding. Not only will this help your skin, but overall you will feel better from the inside out. Try and avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol and caffeine and try to watch your sugar intake. Steer towards focusing on whole foods, fruits and veggies. Consuming superfoods such as kale, avocado, blueberries, almonds and chia seeds will help as well. Your skin will thank you!



Lash extensions - This is something a lot of my brides ask me about, and to be honest, I always recommend wearing lashes for your big day. Whether they be day-of, temporary lash application, or semi-permanent lashes, they look amazing in photos and will help draw attention to your beautiful eyes! I know that semi-permanent lashes can be a commitment and they aren't in everyones budget, but I do offer day-of lash application to all my clients, so this is an option to think about. Ask your makeup artist if this is something she can do for you, and if you are meeting for a trial, try the lashes out that day so you know what they will be like on your wedding day.



Treatments like microdermabrasion and facials - Find an esthetician you trust, and start a beauty regimen a few months before your wedding. If you have problem areas on your face and skin, or if your skin IS the problem area, let them know what your goals are and let them guide you in how to achieve them. Facials are amazing when it comes to helping your skin, whether it be to hydrate, clear clogged pores, revive the skins color, and more. Also, microdermabrasion may be something you want to consider in the months leading up to your wedding. Microdermabrasion is a method of removing the dead skin cells on the face and leaving the new. healthy, glowing skin behind underneath. A lot of us don't exfoliate as much as we should, and dead skin cell buildup can hinder the healthy skin from functioning as it should. This treatment helps polish and smooth the face. Curious? Ask your dermatologist or esthetician about it!



Tanning/spray tan - If you want to look bronzed and glowy on your big day, consider getting a spray tan. Sitting out for hours in the suns rays may feel good, but it's not the healthiest option for your skin! I would also recommend letting a professional handle this one. I'm all for self tanner and everything, but you want this tan to look nice and even, especially if your dress has an open back or a keyhole detail, you will feel a lot better knowing that you went to the master for this step. There are so many options for spray tan these days. No longer do we have to characterize spray tans by that horrible orange tinge that it was once associated with. You can achieve a sun kissed glow or a darker bronze if you want; the options are endless. Want to read more? Check out my friend Hilary Folkvord and her blog post on spray tan prep and tips here.



So thats my two cents on what your skin would appreciate when getting ready for your big day. The hair series will be up soon so keep an eye out for Part 2!

Florals by Wild Blume

Hair and Makeup by me

Cupcakes by Cupcake Mountain

Model Sarah Bates

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