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Ralph Lauren Bride

YAYYYYY!! Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine is OUT!! I can't wait for all of you to read it!! If you're like me and too impatient to wait for a print copy, check out this link to the full magazine here:

THIS shoot is featured in the magazine starting on page 66 featuring three wearable bridal styles that are inspired by the west. I was asked by the creators of Rocky Mountain Bride to work with some of Bozeman's amazing talent on this shoot for the 2017 RMB Gown Guide. Of course I said YES! Count me in!

We all got to travel out to Summer Star Ranch (check out this venue!!), nestled in the canyons near Helena, Montana. We kept our models look pretty simple, highlighting her hair's natural curl and texture that would complement her ensemble.

This first look features deep, rich floral tones and a dramatic back piece on this dress. We kept her hair in a simple, windswept braid.



This look, which I absolutely adore, features a trendy hat from Evrgreen boutique in downtown Bozeman. These florals play on the wildflower theme, as if our bride just gathered them from the field herself. She was also accessorized with this fantastic chambray shirt with rolled cuffs, also from Evrgreen.

For this last look, we ditched the hat and piled some of her hair in a top knot for a different look, This dress from Eksay is very classy and simple which allows the hair and the denim shirt to stand out.

What do you think of these bridal styles of the summer? Would you wear one of these looks?

If you're interested in any part of this shoot, check out the crew who made it all possible:

Photos: Amelia Anne Photography -

Venue: Summer Star Ranch -

Florals: Wild Blume -

Dresses: Eskay Bridal -

Hat, Denim Shirt, and Jewelry: Evrgreen Clothing -

Model: Sommer

Hair and Makeup by me

I am thinking of doing two posts a month during the holidays instead of four . . . thoughts?

Check back for my next post!


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