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Favorite Drugstore Makeup

Welcome back!!! The holidays are fast, and I mean FAST approaching, but I am happy to say my Christmas shopping is DONE! Boom. Now I can breathe. Anyone else finished?

Also, anyone else listening to the Keith Urban song Female on repeat like me?

As you can see from the title, we will be talking about drugstore makeup. Contrary to some beliefs, makeup doesn't have to be super expensive to be high performing or to work well or to be long lasting, etc. And I am always looking for a bargain like the next guy. This post is a list of some of my favorite drugstore products that I definitely think are worth having. I use these products on myself and on my clients, and I get a lot of positive feedback.. Links are all included, so check these out!

All photos by @Cherrysnapshot1

HMU by me


This first product was a fast favorite. I use the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer on myself and in my client kit. You probably have heard me say before that I have a hard time finding a bronzer that is not too orange on my skin. I love this bronzer. It is not too warm on most skin types. It blends so well and it smells amazing (which is why I bought it duh) :) Seriously, this bronzer is a universal bronzer and they also sell it in a darker shade if your skin tone is deeper. Check it out!



This next product is an eyeshadow palette that I mentioned in my 2017 Makeup Favorites, but I love this Carli Bybel Eyeshaow Palette. I love this palette because it was so affordable, the shades are easy to blend, and I can create a whole look with this palette without having to reach for another one. I am already almost out of most of these shades!! The quality is there in this palette, and for the right price!



My favorite drugstore mascara is the L'Oreal Paris Original Voluminous Mascara. I use a higher quality mascara in my kit but I am strongly thinking about using this one in my kit instead. I never have trouble with this clumping and it is the blackest black out there! There is also a model with a curved brush if you prefer that, but that only makes me get it all over my face (yep done it)

The L'Oreal is my top mascara for drugstore but I am recently loving the Cover GirlLash Blast Fusion Mascara. This was recommended to me by a client and I love the brush on this mascara! It really boosts those lashes and helps thicken them with the mascara. Check it out!



I purchased this foundation on a whim and did not really have any expectations set for it, but I will definitely repurchase the NYX Total Control Dropper Foundation.. I am totally out of the shade I purchased I used it so fast This foundation is described as buildable coverage from sheer to full, which is what I love about it. This foundation is very liquid-y and thin so I can give my clients the sheerest amount of coverage if that is what they are wanting. This foundation works really well for clients who have freckles who don't want those covered up by makeup. This foundation blends flawlessly with a blending sponge. Check it out because the finish is great!



This next product was recommended to me by a fellow makeup artist, and I am loving it. when clients ask for a winged liner, I have been using the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. This is a pot of gel liner, and it comes with a brush, but I purchased a smaller and more fine tip brush that I think works really well with it. This liner is really creamy and easy to create that perfect wing with. It doesn't ball up or get crusty when you are trying to draw the wing. The one thing I am not liking about this is I am getting a little transfer onto the top of the lid..... grrr..... so trying to fix that but otherwise, I love this liner. It is so hard to find a good, creamy gel liner (I have tried many).



I wanted to mention another foundation because I received very good feedback from it and I use it on my clients all the time an that is the L'Oreal Paris Pro Matte Foundation AND the Pro Glow Foundation. So this line has two products, the matte and the glow and I use both. The matte will obviously keep your skin more matte if you are oily and the glow will bring some dewey qualities back into the skin. Both of these foundations have up to 24 hour wear and they are build able coverage. They carry a wide range of shades so seriously, go look this up and see what you think. I use this on so many brides and they love it!! I love how it blends and looks on the skin. I used this foundation this whole year and I will be repurchasing all of the shades for my kit.



Some of you may know that I have been on the hunt for a primer that I really like and that consistently performs the way I want it to. I recently came across this NYX First Base Primer Spray and I have been loving it. This spray helps lock in foundation without clumping with the foundation. I like this primer spray more than I like actual liquid primer right now. This is a simple, quick way to tone the skin and keep it moisturized for the next step in the makeup application process.



I hope this post was interesting/helpful for all of you! I am happy to answer any questions you have about products and their performance, etc, so comment below! Also let me know what you would like to read next! Are my posts too long? Too short? Should I have included more products? Less products? Let me know!! Thanks for stopping by :)


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