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2017 Faves !!

Hey everyone!!! Welcome back!! I know I have been a little MIA lately in lieu of Thanksgiving and lots of other projects going on (like the one you see below :) Thanks for your patience! We are back in the swing of things and I wanted to take this post to cover some of my favorite makeup products that I have used in 2017! These products might be newer, or maybe they are just new to me, but I will try and link all the products and do my best to explain why they worked for me.

Also, this WONDERFUL fall shoot (yes I know fall is over but scroll down and you'll wish it wasn't) that I collabed on with some bomb vendors. They are all linked below so check them out.

I am specifically in love with this shoot because I got to play with some shorter hair here! I don't always get clients with shorter hair and if you know me you know I love to switch it up and play around with the attitude and the elements that short hair brings with it. I loved styling this models hair and makeup and giving her a soft, windswept look. What do you think of this style?

Vendors will be listed at the bottom so keep reading to find out who played a part in this heart throb shoot!

Now let's jump in to the makeup products!!


So there's literally no rhyme or reason to these products and they aren't in any particular order. So here we go!

This first product I had seen all over Instagram and I wanted to try because it looked cool. This is the Vanish Stick Foundation by Hourglass Cosmetics. This is the only product by this brand that I have tried yet, because they are a little pricier, but I love it! It was $46, and it is a stick foundation. I was a little worried that it would be too "sticky" and not blendable, but it blends so well! I used this all summer and even wore it at my wedding. I absolutely love how it looks on the skin and the finish it gives. Its not completely matte but its not totally dewey either! This is something I will definitely purchase more than once and would love to incorporate it into my makeup kit for my clients!


The next product that I tried this year and loved is the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. This is a special eyeshadow palette that came out this year and I loved the colors in it and I wanted to test it out. If you haven't checked out Morphe, do it! They are a wonderful site for affordable and high performing makeup products and tools. This palette was $38 and has 35 shades, and I have used them all! It has a great range of colors, some for everyday wear and some for more of a colorful, bold look. These shadows are so blendable and easy to work with. I have other Morphe eyeshadow palettes that I have bought in the past so I knew the quality was going to be there and it is! Check out this palette if you need some new eyeshadow inspiration!


This product is definitely more of a special occasion type product, and I just bought it last week, but I am obsessed! Stila Cosmetics recently came out with a Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow ($24) in several shades and I purchased the shade Diamond Dust to try! The packaging is similar to a lipgloss tube, but with eyeshadow instead. It can be applied directly onto the eyelid and dries quickly with an intense glitter pigment! This product really packs a punch and is so sparkly and glittery, it is perfect for holiday parties. I am looking forward to getting a couple more shades of this soon!



Liquid lipsticks were a HUGE trend this year. But for me, a liquid lipstick needs to be two things. First, it needs to NOT dry out my lips so they are brittle and cracked and dead (like they already are because I live in Montana amirite), AND it needs to be longwearing. I found this in the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. First off, for only $7, I can buy all the shades I need and more (guilty). Seriously, I love this lipstick. I wear it almost everyday and it never leaves my lips feeling dry or chapped. When I apply it I also first apply a thin layer of chapstick underneath. Then you're set! Currently, my favorite shade is called Brooklyn Thorn, and they have so many to choose from! Check them out :)



I don't know what I did before this concealer came out, but I'm never caught without it in my makeup kit. I use the Tarte Shape Tape concealer on all of my clients. This can be used as a color corrector, to cover dark circles and blemishes, and to highlight high points of the face. This concealer is a little pricy at $27, but I'd say it is worth every penny. I don't have any struggles with it creasing under the eyes, and it stays in place really well. It is also very full coverage to help hide whatever your skin throws at you.


I know I already mentioned an eyeshadow palette, but I have to include this palette as well because I use it on myself basically everyday. When the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette first came out, I never thought I would buy it. If you have seen the palette, you know it is composed of several plum, pinkish, orange and red eyeshadow shades. For me, those are not necessarily the colors I love the most on myself. That would not be my first choice when I create my eye look in the morning. But I decided after a while to just try it out and see what happens.

I had never bought an eyeshadow palette from Anastasia before so I was not sure what the quality and blendability would be like. But I love this palette. I use it basically every day to create my eye look. I love that with this palette, I can create an entire eye look without needing to pull different shades from another palette. This palette has a neutral base, a nice transition color, and colors that slowly allow you to darken your eyeshadow and blend it really well. It also has two shimmer shadows that allow me to finish off any look. These shadows are very easy to work with and they blend very well. I am happy I tried this palette and I want to create some fun eye looks with it in the future!



You know when you find something that works for you and you just want to cling to it and hold onto it until the end of time? This next product, the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is that product for me. This is my ride or die. I use this powder ($38) for setting under eyes and the whole face to prevent creasing. This product is a true translucent, so it does not add any color to the skin, and it it so great to prevent those creases and help with shine control. I even used' this powder on a male athlete this year to keep his skin from getting shiny while he was being filmed by NBC Sports! If it can keep that kind of shine at bay, it can keep my brides looking flawless on the wedding day.


And finally I know this is not a makeup product but if you are in the market for hair texture and volume (who isn't tho??) then you need to check this product out!! I use this PUFF ME volumizing hair powder on almost all my clients, whether or not they are brides. This powder ($19.50) adds the perfect amount of grit and texture to your hair to help it hold curls, hold some teasing, and give you that extra bit of volume you need! I love using this on bridal styles or even just bombshell curls to help hold a style. Click that link if you think you need this in your life (because you do).


That concludes my 2017 favorites!! What did you think? Are there any products in this post that you are curious about trying? Ask me any questions you have and I can try to answer them! This was a really fun post to write and I look forward to the products I get to try in 2018!

I am planning on writing one more blog post for this year, and then I will try and do a regular blog post every other week. Or should I go back to every week? Let me know!

Special thanks to those who made it all possible!!

photography: Danford Photography

HMU by me

Florals: Wild Blume

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