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Bridal Updos (Part II)

Thanks for coming back for week two of these bridal hairstyles! Let's dive right in . . .

This first hairstyle is actually three french fishtail braids all brought together to create one style. This can be a difficult braid but don't be intimidated! It looks so beautiful when finished. If you're interested, heres a tutorial from a Youtuber I love:

Again, same as last week, pulling each braid apart afterwards is key in giving the look a softness and romantic feel, if thats what you're going for. It is also helpful to use some sort of texture spray to give the hair some "grip and grit" that makes it easier to work with. The texture spray I absolutely love is here:

This hairstyle is basically a low bun in the back, with the sides twisted back. I used a large brooch to accent this hairstyle. The shiny texture of the hair can be enhanced with a shine spray. The one I use is here:

But caution when using this! Too much shine spray can make the hair seem greasy, so use a little at a time and reassess as you use it.

This final hairstyle incorporated one of my favorite techniques that looks so elegant, which is pincurls. These can be difficult to achieve if your hair has a lot of layers, but the key is to not be in a hurry when doing these. My favorite hairspray to tame flyaway layers is here:

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