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Summer Sunsets

Last spring I was asked by BASH Bozeman if I wanted to be the hair and makeup artist for a shoot with them and Jeremiah and Rachel Photography. Jeremiah and Rachel are film shooters, and I had heard so many great things about them, and I said yes right away!

The theme for this shoot was more of a bohemian bridal look, with relaxed hair and makeup. "Natural" makeup usually means something different to everyone, but the important thing is to use enough makeup that it still appears "natural" in front of the camera.

The hair for this shoot was mainly braids, and if you couldn't tell from this post and my last post, I love crown braids. Luckily, all my models had amazing thick and long hair which made it so awesome to work with. One of my favorite tools to give the hair texture and good volume is here:

HMU by me

Styling and dress from BASH photos by Jermiah and Rachel Photography

Florals by the Flower Hat

Bridal gown by Rue de seine Bridal

Thanks for checking this post out and be sure to come back next week for some new content! Uploading every Wednesday!

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