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All that Glitters . . .

I am a little under the weather today, I think these busy weeks of weddings are finally catching up to me, but I am too pumped from all the galleries I've seen to lay around and do nothing all day. Seeing my brides photos come back gets me so excited and inspired!! So I've been working on my blog and I have some exciting news to share!! Ingrid Svare and I put this shoot together a couple weeks ago. We built the shoot around a dress Ingrid had received from a friend. Obviously, as you'll see below, gold was the theme.


Usually, this doesn't happen to me, but I had to re-do the models hair once I had already fixed it! This dress was so unique and I really wanted the vibe to fit the dress, and so I had to start over. I am not used to having to do this, but in the end, I was able to achieve the look I was hoping for.


The Jewelry Studio in Bozeman loaned us some jewelry form their new gold collection that totally matched the theme, and here's the BIG news. Some of the photos from this shoot are going in their big storefront windows. You know, the gorgeous big windows of their new building across from the Gallatin Valley Mall. THOSE WINDOWS! As you can imagine, we are all beyond excited!!


Photos are all by Ingrid Svare Photography ( check out her new website it is BOMB!!)

she also did the flower drape and the chair is also hers, but I want to steal it ;)

Special thanks to our model, Shaleigh, for lending us her gorgeous face and hair :)

Let me know what you think of this shoot! Do you want to see it in the Jewelry Studio???

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