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Hair Hacks!

Earlier last year in the springtime I was contacted by Karen and Jesse Danford from Danfrod Photography (P.S. check them out, they are a couple who shoots together; their film work is amazing!) Anyways, she asked me if I would participate in a more minimalist photoshoot with her and some other vendors. I immediately said yes, and I was introduced to what has become one my favorite venues in the valley. . Foster Creek Farm. If you happen to be planning your wedding as you read this and you haven't considered this venue or even had the chance to look at it, make the time. It will mesmerize you. Check out their website to get a taste of this rustic chic setting here :

Karen told me she wanted to stick with natural makeup, nothing too fancy, and a soft, flowy, half up design. Nothing too perfect or sleek. So I quickly hopped on Pinterest to gather some inspiration. My model, as you will see, made it very easy for me to stick with minimal amounts of makeup because she is such a natural beauty. She already had eyelash extensions so we embraced those and I also gave her hair a tousled look as you can see below.

As always, check out the vendors at the bottom of this post to see who participated.

This week I want to share with all of you some hair hacks that I go to when I am busy or don't have a lot of time to spend on my hair, or I just want my hair to look good without putting in too much work that day. Maybe you already do some of these, but try out one or two and let me know how they worked for you!


Hack 1: This will work for medium to long hair. If you need to curl your hair, but it takes forever and you're pressed for time? Pull you hair into a high ponytail, and then curl the hair in sections in the ponytail. Take as big or small of sections as you have time for. When all the hair is curled, let the ponytail out and shake your hair out. Quick curls! Add a little volume if you need to!


Hack 2: Early morning and no time to prep your hair? Sleep in your curls from the day before and go with second day hair! If you need to, retouch the curls around your face. Good to go!



Hack 3: I do this to my hair all the time because although I have a beach waver, it would take me FOREVER to get all my air crimped in beach waves. After I shower, I braid my hair in 3 or 4 braids and sleep in them overnight. Next morning, beachy waves! If you want softer, less intense waves, braid your hair dry and sleep in it that way instead of wet. The waves will be less intense



Hack 4: Do you feel like backcombing (teasing) never stays in your hair and you never have volume? Invest in a crimper for your roots (two different ones linked here and here). I have both of these and I love just crimping the base of my roots to get a little lift. The more you crimp, the more lift you get! Be sure to leave out a top section of hair along your part to cover all the crimped hair when you are finished! Tease-free volume!


Hack 5: Forgot to buy more dry shampoo? What do you do? Grab a little cooking flour and sprinkle it where your hair needs it the most!! Be sure to run your fingers along the roots to avoid any white spots! This also works with baby powder if you happen to have that laying around!


Hack 6: Want to get that beachy tousled hair vibe?? Here's a trick: curling with a wand, wrap your hair around it but leave the last inch (or more) of your hair out of the wand (don't curl it). Let the ends be straight and then finish with a textured beach spray (here) and you are good to go!



This shoot was also recently featured on the Wedding Sparrow blog, which you can see here:

The look we were going for was "organic, but elegant" and all of the talented vendors delivered that same feel. This dress, from Rue De Seine, featured a gorgeous open back with lace detailing.

Our models were actually a real couple, husband and wife, which always makes the chemistry come alive on camera. It brings out the love reflected in the photos, and allows the audience to feel it. I personally loved working on this shoot because the simple and understated hair and makeup look really bring out the brides natural beauty without being overpowering and stealing the focus off of her.

Check out the blog post on Wedding Sparrow to get the scoop on the whole shoot and see what you think. Did we achieve our styling goal? Here's the list of talent I was so blessed to work with.

Photographer & Stylist: Danford Photography | Film Lab: The FIND Lab | Floral Designer: The Flower Hat | Dress Designer: Rue de Seine | Rentals: Montana Party Rentals | Venue: Foster Creek Farm | Hair & Makeup Artist: Ethereal Hair and Makeup | Calligraphy: Bon Temps Collective | Ring: Susie Saltzman | Dress Shop: Bash


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