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Gemstone Peacock

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to the blog! I know this isn't the kind of content I usually post, but once in a while I like to get together with some of my fellow people in the industry and put together something a little more artsy and different than the usual bridal feel. It's always good to switch things up, right? And Halloween is coming up so I thought this would be the perfect time to share this look!

One of the the photographers I've worked with a lot came up with the idea of shooting some peacock feathers, and so she left me to put together a design for our models face. I went right to work, first on Pinterest, then at the craft store. These cooler toned colors are some of my favorites, and I also had just purchased the new Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette by Morphe cosmetics, here:

and it has a few of these colors in the palette so I was excited to use them!

I also purchased these heavy duty false eyelashes from Iconic London here:

I bought these eyelashes because they are heavier and I wanted to glue the gems on them. The heavier lashes would hold up under the heavy gems. What do you think of how this look tuned out?

HMU by me

photo @cherrysnapshot1 on Instagram (check her out, her photography work is pretty cool)

I also wanted to use this post to answer a question I get a lot from brides about bridal makeup. They usually ask me if my makeup products are waterproof, meaning they are able to withstand tears, sweat, rain, and anything else the environment may throw at them on their wedding day. I wanted to clear up this question because it can be confusing and I'll do my best to explain. The makeup I use in my kit, specifically, my mascara, is waterproof, to prevent streaking and tear marks if anyone cries on the wedding day. The rest of my products, however, are what is called water resistant. This means that they allow your skin to breathe and the sweat, tears, or anything else will sit on the surface of your makeup. This makes it easy to dab at the moisture without smearing your face makeup.

Waterproof makeup, however, does not allow the skin underneath it to breathe. This causes your pores to clog, which can cause acne breakouts and is very unhealthy for your skin. Makeup products today, especially foundations, have come a long way with their formulas in helping protect and withstand the elements . As a professional makeup artist, I am always searching for long-wearing products to use on my clients.

I hope this explained some things! Come back next week for some new makeup tips and tricks!!


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