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All Hallows Eve & Undertones

Happy almost Halloween! Here's another costume idea if you're looking for something simple and you have amazing hair like our model does here. Isn't she gorgeous? I put this together last year with a photographer friend and we had a blast doing it!! I think my favorite part is the dark red lipstick that goes with the red on the cloak. I used some pretty natural eyelashes on our model because her eyes were already big and beautiful, and we went with a simpler, more subtle eyeshadow color scheme so the lipstick could take center stage. And also look at those lucious locks she has!!! I'm in love with this long brown hair!! The places they took the photos really capture the spookiness of the theme. What do you think of our take on Little Red Riding Hood?



I am loving the fall colors outside, but I am not quite ready for the cold? Is anyone else with me?? I have an awesome fall wedding coming up this weekend, and two Christmas theme weddings in December!! I am so stoked!!!!

I want to answer a question in this blog post that I get a lot from clients. The question is, why does my foundation look orange on my skin? First of all, if you're planning on buying a new foundation or trying a different foundation out, it may be a good idea to have someone at a makeup store or department store help you match your foundation color to your skin. This is very helpful and can take a lot of the work out of it for you. However, if you are looking to match the color yourself, here are a couple tips.

The reason your foundation may be appearing orange on your skin is because you probably have the wrong shade. We all have an undertone in our skin, which is either cool or warm. A cool undertone will have more pinks, and a warm undertone will be more yellow or golden. So if you have a yellow undertone and choose a foundation with too much pink in it, thats what will make your skin look orange. Same thing if you're on the pink side and choose a foundation that is too gold. A little confused? This quiz will help you find your undertone and this can help you choose your foundation!

Also, a lot of foundation descriptions will say whether the shade is for more pink undertones or more neutral undertones, so paying attention to that will also help.

Finally, another reason your foundation may be changing colors on you is because of oxidation. When your foundation hits the air and your skin, the oxygen in the air can cause it to (slightly) change in color. Some brands of foundations do this more than others, some barely do it at all, and sometimes this varies from person to person because of your skin!

Still confused? Message me! And Pinterest is a great resource to help you identify your undertone and choose your foundation.

photos here by @cherryshapshot1 on Instagram

Come back next week for more hair and makeup questions answered!

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