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Welcome back! It's a very windy Sunday when I'm writing this and I'm curled up next to the fire. I feel like the wind might lift me off the ground!

I wanted to share this shoot with you and also address something that may answer some questions for a lot of people. I recently had a potential client ask me why it's important to hire a professional hair and makeup artist for a wedding, and what the benefits are. I just wanted to go into couple details about why hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for any event, especially a wedding, can make or break your wedding day experience.

But first, the shoot! Keely Mckay contacted me and was looking for a hair and makeup artist for her model. We decided on very subtle, simple makeup that would compliment her natural beauty, and emphasis on a whimsical down 'do. I chose a loose, woven take on a braid that kept the back of the dress the focal point. Keely captured the style so well! I love when photographers take the time to really capture my style on their screen so it is just as beautiful as in real life. Let me know what you think of the style below! And don't forget to look at these awesome vendors who made it all possible. When it comes to shoots, I can get the hair and makeup down, but they are the ones who really pull it all together !


Hair and makeup by me

Design by History Events Elopements @historyeventselopments

Menswear by Revolvr Menswear


Back to the importance of hiring a professional. Why is it so important to have someone who does hair and makeup for a living, as their job, help you with your hair and makeup for an event? Why should this ease your mind, and why will this help you better achieve the look you're going for? Here's a couple reasons.

Having makeup done for any event that will be photographed is different than just wearing makeup for day to day. Cameras capture makeup a little differently, and so it's important to overdo what you're wearing just a little bit so it translates into the photo the way you want. Even "natural" looking makeup is going to be more difficult to achieve if you're going to be in front of a camera. Also, blending and evening skin tone is very important as the camera will pick this up as well. This can be done with professional, high quality products that your stylist will have in their kit.

When you hire a hair and makeup artist who does this work for a living, they will be comfortable handling any situation you present and answering any questions you may have. If you don't like your makeup done a certain way, tell them. If you don't want them to use purple on your eyes, tell them. A professional will also be able to make recommendations for your skin type, eye color, and face shape and tell you what looks best on you. These tips can be invaluable, especially if you don't wear makeup on a day to day basis, or are unsure about what you want the finished result to look like. Being able to trust a professional who is confident in taking the reins will help ease your mind and enable you to enjoy your event all the more.

Especially when hair and makeup is for a bride, so much more care, time, and consideration goes into helping a bride prep for her wedding day. It's more than just the application of makeup for an occasion. I also spend time spent emailing the bride, texting, face-to-face meeting, trials, and any other contact that helps the bride feel comfortable and ready for the big day. I take time to learn her personal style, taste, and what she DOESNT want on her big day, which is often just as important as learning what she DOES want. This in-depth of a process is normally not something offered in a regular makeup application service.

Also, being pampered on your wedding day is a service not many professionals may feel comfortable offering. It requires a lot of time and energy and being attuned to the brides needs, leaving them stress free to enjoy their bridesmaids, friends, family, and this special time. This can include traveling to the venue or home and setting up shop such as is convenient for the bride. Hiring a stylist that offers on site services can take the stress out of traveling logistics if you have a large event going on or don't want to travel for hours to get fixed up for an event. You as the bride can also feel comfortable with the pressure of doing your own hair and makeup lifted, and can reach for that mimosa instead! :)

In addition, hiring a professional at what may be considered a higher cost may be worth the expense when you receive a contract guaranteeing that they will show up on your wedding day. Without a contract, that professional is not bound to perform your bridal service. This is the last thing any bride wants to feel stressed about on her big day. Every client of mine receives a contract guaranteeing my services.

I hope this post answered some questions and cleared up some things about why hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is important. Even if it helps ease your mind a little, then you've done the right thing. Let me know if you have any questions you want me to answer next week! I'll stop rambling now :)

Have a great rest of your week!


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