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Makeup I Won't Repurchase

As a professional hair and makeup artist, I go through a lot of makeup. I am constantly trying new and different brands, and experimenting with different products to see what will work best for my clients. Sometimes products work, and sometimes they don't. Please read: This post is NOT about bashing makeup products or brands. A lot of these products come from brands I love and use daily. This post is just about products that didn't specifically work for me or my clients. If these products work for you, thats great! Stick with what works. When I find something I love, I hold onto it and I keep using it. But its good to get out of our comfort zone and play around with products. This post is just about some products that I tried, and I felt like didn't really hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Let me know your thoughts and if some of these products worked for you, I'd love some tips on what you did :)

All photos by @Cherrysnapshot1

HMU by me


The first product that didn't work for me is the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder. I bought this hoping to use it to set the underlies after blending out concealer, because it is a translucent powder. I seriously cannot work with this powder. I have tried to use it so many times and with different tools. It just clumps and peels of the concealer :( I was so sad because I love NYX, but this powder did not work for me.



The second product that doesn't really work for me is the

for face and body. I have had this forever and at first I loved it, and it really is a good highlighter powder. The main reason I don't like it is because I cannot really use it on anyone who is getting their photos taken. This highlighter has a lot of glitter in it (I purchased the shade Aura) and this is not good for photographs. So I basically never use it on any clients. It works well, it just does not really do me any good since most of my clients are getting their hair and makeup done for photos.



The next product that I will not repurchase is the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. The same thing happened with this product. I bought it at first and thought I really liked it. But when I used it on my clients I thought it really did not mix well with the foundations I would use. It would ball up and mix with the foundation, or peel up and not leave a nice finish at all. This happened to me consistently, and so I don't really use this on clients anymore, which I'm bummed about because Too Faced makes some of my favorite eyeshadows and I was excited for this product.



One product that did not work for me at all was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit. I was so excited for this when it first came out and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I have hardly ever used this product. I never use it on my clients. It was so dry and thick and cake when I got it that I had such a hard time blending any of the shades, either for contouring or highlighting. I don't know if I just got a really bad palette, but even when I mixed the colors with an oil, they ever had a good finish or look to them and I still had so much trouble blending. I like the powder contour kit by them, but this one I really struggled with :(



This next product I had kind of the same problem as it was too cakey to actually do the job it was created for. I will not repurchase the Benefit BOI-ING Industrial Strength Concealer. This matte finish concealer is definitely a full coverage concealer, which is why I was hoping it would work out for me. The pigment is there in the product, but an undereye concealer should be light and smooth enough to apply and blend out without dragging on the skin. This product is too thick to do that. However, I think Benefit is coming out with a new formula so maybe they have improved this problem!



Another product that I will not be repurchasing is the NYX Wonder Stick. I bought this contour and highlight stick in the shade Universal, which is still a little too orange toned in the contour color for my taste. It is creamy enough to blend well, but the color is off. But there are other shades so it could probably work. However, the highlight side of the stick I really cannot use :( For how creamy the contour side of the stick is, the highlight side is way too stiff to blend out a highlight on the cheekbones. I had to scrape the highlight onto my face, and by then. the rest of my makeup is messed up. I also couldn't just rub some on my finger and then onto my face -- the product is still to thick and stiff. I also don't feel that it has very much pigment for an intense highlight.



Again, I REALLY want to STRESS that this post was NOT me bashing other products or brands at all. These were simply products that I have tried that did not work for me. If they work for you, I am not bashing you. I am glad they work! They just didn't pan out for me like I was hoping, and that's okay. We all have different things that work for us. Please let me know if you have any questions and what you would like to read next! Have a fabulous weekend!!


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