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Pick a Lipstick!

Have you ever noticed or feel like some lipstick colors look better on you than others? At first glance, you can't wait to try a lipstick on, and then after, you're disappointed with how the color looks on you? Maybe it washes you out, or it looks dull, but your friend tries it on, and it looks amazing on her! Why is that?

Today I'm going to talk about skin undertones and skin tones and the best lipstick based on your skin. We all have different skin tones and undertones, which is why certain colors of clothing, makeup, and yes, lipstick, look better on different people than on others. Hopefully this post will help you figure out which shades of lip color complement your skin the most, and maybe you find a look that works best for you!

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Disclaimer: This does not mean I am telling you not to wear certain shades of lip color. If you find a color that works for you, by all means, rock it girl. If you love it, that is all that matters! I just know that a lot of clients ask me specifically to help them find the best shade of lip color for their skin tone, so I thought a blog post might help! But you do you and wear what you love, this is just a little guidebook if you happen to be curious :)


So first, what makes a lip color pop or flop? You will probably fit into one of the two following categories which will help you out!

Cool undertones - If you have cool undertones, this means that your skin has a pink, red, or bluish hue. You also look better in silver jewelry as opposed to gold, If this is your undertone, choose shades that have blue or purple undertones. In contrast, you should probably stay away from orange-y shades, and anything too pale of a nude, which could wash you out. I happen to have cool undertones, and I prefer to wear lipstick shades with dark purple undertones or even a cool grey tone in them!



Warm Undertones -- So, by process of elimination, you probably just figured out which undertone you are. You have a warm undertone if you have a yellow or olive hue in your skin, and gold jewelry usually complements your skin very well. This means that warm shades will look the best on you. You can handle fiery tones and shades that are intense. You can also pull of corals, and lots of nude shades as well.



If you happen to have a neutral undertone, congrats! You can pull off most anything you want. Usually this is someone with an olive skin tone, and most shades will look flattering on you.

Choosing a lip color is also something to consider depending on your skin tone. This means, if you are fair, and have light porcelain skin, you can play with bold tones that will pop on you, but nudes may not. And if you have a darker, tan skin tone, feel free to wear deep berry colors or rich reds, which will stand out on your skin.

But ultimately, no matter what your skin tone, you lipstick choice is up to you! If you feel confident, rock it! And if you were curious about undertones and matching shades, I hope this helped give you a couple tips for the next time you reach for your lip bag :)


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