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Beauty Gurus You're Missing Out on Not Following

How's everyones week been?? I've been so busy lately working on collabs and projects and meeting brides, and I am getting hype for wedding season!

I wanted to share with you this week some beauty gurus I follow that really inspire me. Instagram has really exploded with beauty gurus and has really become a platform for the beauty industry, allowing their followers to learn and educate themselves on hair and makeup techniques. tips, tricks and products. Today I want to shoutout to some of my favorite gurus that I faithfully follow and look forward to what they will share next. Their work inspires me and challenges me to better myself in my work and creativity.


@krystalclearmakeup is an amazing makeup guru. Her IG videos are so fun and I love the personality she portrays on screen. She posts a lot of makeup tutorials and I love following along to create new looks!

@hairandmakeupbysteph is one of my idols. If you aren't following her, at least check out her work because her bridal hair is amazing. I have taken a hair and makeup class from her before and I have followed her for years. She is so well known for her styling and her portfolio is beautiful

I've been following @cosmobyhaley for a while now, and I love seeing beauty gurus gain followers and grow in their work and influence more people. She is so creative and I love following her because she makes even drugstore brands look stellar on her face. She can work with any makeup brand and she is always trying out new products for her audience

@alishajaredhairartistry is an amazing updo artist. I found her randomly on social media and now follow her faithfully. She was the one who inspired me to start filming hair tutorials on my wig. She has such a great attitude and passion for continuing education and she reminds me how important it is to keep learning in this industry.


@vanitymakeup is definitely an idol of mine. I have been following her for a while and her knowledge of the beauty industry is amazing. She has 10 + years of experience with bridal makeup and I can't wait to learn from her in person!!

@rachellekathleen is pretty awesome. She's actually based in Billings, Montana, and just to see someone with such great skill growing her following and online presence is so great to me. She really inspires me to keep working hard -- plus her feed is filled with gorgeous-ness

@militzayovanka is a beauty guru I recently found, and she uses a lot of products I am interested in and want to try! Not to mention she is beautiful!

@itssteeph is a guru I have been following for a long time. I love the energy in her videos and her fun-loving vibe that she communicates on screen. And her makeup looks are fire!


@lalasupdos is another updo queen. She is so versatile in her styling and so creative that all of her styles are unique and fun. Plus she breaks down her styles into simple videos for others like me to recreate!

@lenabogucharskaya creates effortless updos that leave me mind-boggled. Not all bridal styling has to be complicated and I think her page communicates that. She shows you how to get fabulous looks without spending hours on the style.

@ulyana.aster is such a queen when it comes to bridal styling. She makes all her bridal styles look so effortless and she puts them together with such ease it amazes me. She also has a gorgeous line of hair accessories and bridal pieces that I need to get my hands on!

@theconfessionsofahairstylist is a master with hair. Her page is exploding with videos on updos, creative techniques, and new inspiration. She travels the country teaching others her skills and hair concepts. She also has her own app filled with more step by step videos for those interested in even more education!



@simplymindyk doesn't have what some would call a "huge" following, and I honestly can't see why. Whenever her posts come up in my feed I am continually amazed by her gorgeous work. She does a lot of bridal and event makeup like I do and she shows her clients before and after transformation. Her flawless work with makeup is such a treat to see. I can't wait for her to grow her business more in the future.

@valpham is a queen of eye looks. She is another makeup artist that I think should have more followers because her skill is legit. She creates some of the coolest eye looks I have ever seen, from cut creases to smokey eyes, using all the colors of the rainbow.

@kimberleymargarita_ is one of the coolest costume makeup artists I've seen. The looks she create look so effortless and flawless -- I have NO idea how she does what she does! Her creativity is also admirable; she always has new and fresh looks popping up on her page!

@heatherchapmanhair is another hair idol for me. Her bridal and updo hairstyles have really exploded on social media and she travels the country educating others on her updo techniques.


This was a really fun post to create and even if you're not in the beauty industry, I hope you can enjoy the work of some of these talented individuals, Let me know if you checked out any of their pages and what you thought of their work. Have a question for next week? Email me!

See you next week!

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